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Tw??j nick: Tequilla
Nick admina: Harique
Mapa: de_eldorado
Opis sytuacji:  Gram sobie normalnie i tu nagle ban... brak ssow i demo
Link do dowod??w (opcjonalnie):  BRAK
Wycinka z consoli: [AMXBans] ===============================================
[AMXBans] Banned by Admin: Harique
[AMXBans] You can complain about your ban @ www.Pochylnia.pl
[AMXBans] Reason: 'Czitujesz'
[AMXBans] Duration: 'permanently'
[AMXBans] Your SteamID: 'STEAM_ID_LAN'
[AMXBans] Your IP: ''
[AMXBans] ========================================
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