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Wander of Shinobi nowa 5 edycja!!Zapraszam!!


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Wander of Shinobi v5.0 OFFICIAL START!



Official site : www.wanderofshinobi.com


Wander of Shinobi has come a long way from his first versions, we have been working for years on this project, connecting the fans of Anime Naruto and 

now Wander of Shinobi v5.0 has been succesfully finished and soon the servers will be opened for the Players!

Dont miss the biggest opening yet!


We have worked really hard to create the most popular Naruto MMORPG (According to OTServList rankings & Facebook FANS status). 

Wander of Shinobi is the oldest (and what comes with it :  created with great experience) Naruto OTS of all!

And now we are ready to present you all the changes that will be applied to the game, and those are :

-Complete Character Balance (16 Characters) 

*Uzumaki Naruto

*Uchiha Sasuke

*Haruno Sakura

*Rock Lee

*Hyuuga Neji

*Ten Ten

*Nara Shikamaru

*Akimichi Chouji

*Yamanaka Ino

*Aburame Shino

*Inuzuka Kiba

*Hyuuga Hinata

*Sabaku no Gaara




-Completely New official Site

-Completely New FACC MAP

-New MAP areas : Kusa-Gakure Lands, Shimo-Gakure Lands, Taki-Gakure Lands

-About 32 New Transforms

-More than 100 New Items

-Unique Systems :

*Pet System

*Akamaru System

*Kankurous Doll System

*Shinos Bugs System

*War System

*Saga System

*Organisation System

*Mission System

*Boss System

-About 50 New Mobs

-About 50 New Quests

-Organisation Missions

-Sprite re-make of Characters : Inuzuka Kiba, Yamanaka Ino, Uzumaki Naruto

-Completely changed Graphics 

-New Sagas

-New Special Quests

-New Bosses

-About 150 New Jutsus


What is more?

-We have managed to fix all the previous bugs, to make your playing even more comfortable!

-The servers has been changed so there will be no lags or connection problems!

-We created new site which is clearer and helps every Player to make his own first steps!

-We also created Helpdesk, which helps you to contact us while having problems!

-We fixed all the current sagas, and added new ones! Also we have added special items to the current sagas!


...and even more!

Dont wait! Visit our official site : www.wanderofshinobi.com, follow the instructions and create your first own Account!

You can also find us on the Facebook!


Thats my way of Ninja

Wander of Shinobi!



















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